How to get published!

Would you like to put an informative, inspiring  or funny article on Greyhound Articles Online? It’s amazingly easy;  email it to greythound.marcia@gmail.com or put it into the contact box below. If you’re emailing me, put “Submission” in the subject line and put your work in the body of the message. I’ll grab it, format it, and publish it in a very short time. Do not send an attachment; just put it in the body of an email.

Guidelines for the Written Word

Articles may be prose and poetry, fiction or non-fiction, short or long.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute to GAO. All you need to be is a greyhound lover who wants to submit something you are passionate about or simply know a lot about. (Your article will be edited for grammar and spelling if necessary, so don’t hesitate to send in your wonderful piece if you’re worried about that.)  The medical articles are a little harder to do because they need a fair amount of verification and knowledge, but the site contains many fine medical articles  by veterinarians and lay people and will continue adding them as they come in.

Don’t have a full article? That’s OK; I’d love to publish your favorite tips, words of wisdom too, and your favorite doggie recipes.

Best of all, there are no length limits or deadlines, so you may submit your work when then muse calls on you.

Guidelines for Photos and Artwork

You can post JPGS of your art and photos on our Facebook page here or email them to greytarticles@gmail.com. Please resize your images to “Internet size”. Keep them as small as possible but not so small that size sacrifices image quality.

Where To Submit Your Work

Please email your submissions to greytarticles@gmail.com or post them in the Contact box below. Thank you!

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