How to Plan a Volksmarch

By Barb Pfeiffer, President of The White Rose Wanderers

The Greyhound Volksmarch Patch

1. Select a date or dates.

2. Select and reserve a location for the walk.

3. Contact the American Volkssport Association for sanctioning. There are forms to be filled out for this. Your local volksmarch club will submit the forms.

4. Check to see if you will need a certificate of insurance for your start and/or check point locations. If so the forms must be filed at least 60 days in advance. Your local volksmarch club will submit the forms.

5. The volksmarch club’s trailmaster maps out two trails — a 5K trail and a 10K trail.

6. Design an award, a patch, pin, or other appropriate type of award for your walk. You do not have to offer an award for every walk.

7. Determine how many awards will be needed and place your order. Allow yourself plenty of time in case there are production problems. Determine what you will charge for the award.

8. Prepare a brochure and submit it for approval by the state organization and/or regional director. (An event brochure must contain 26 items. Your local volksmarch club can supply you with a list.) This volksmarch’s brochure included a brief history of the Greyhound and information about Spring Valley County Park.

9. After the brochure is approved, make copies, fold them, and distribute them to other volksmarch clubs and Greyhound groups at least three months in advance of your walk.

These steps are guidelines for this event. Other events and other clubs may differ; organizers need to work with their local walking clubs.

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