Life with the Class Clown

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By Eileen Saks

A view of a well-behaved Dancer Saks, possibly thinking of what to do next.

I taught elementary school for 31 years, so I am an expert at picking out the class clown. He is the child who is always joking and seldom serious. He is also the one you have trouble being angry with no matter what he does. He’s a character and even the teacher finds him amusing. It didn’t take me long to realize that my male Greyhound, Dancer, fits the description.

Dancer is a real character and the class clown in any pack. He has earned the nickname “Mr. Goofus.” Here are some tips to help you figure out if you are owned by one of these characters:

Class clowns show perpetual enthusiasm. Dancer never walks. He hops, skips, and bounces, with an occasional leap as well, which may explain how he got his kennel name. Kisses from this sweet boy are given quite frequently, and it’s never just one or two. It is always a face full. When we return home after even after a short absence, Dancer’s happy dance is a real production number. He sure lets us know he is glad to have his audience back.

Class clowns stand out in a crowd. In my area, we have a Greyhound playgroup. There are 12 Greyhounds in the group and my boy is the one who makes us laugh. His antics began the first time I took my Greyhounds to the field to run with this group. All the Greyhounds ran around the field when let off lead (an awesome sight to see). But, as is always the case, the run was short. When the pack stopped running, the Greyhounds trotted toward us, except for one who veered off and went to lay down in a large mud puddle in the corner of the field. You guessed it: Dancer. My mostly white boy had fawn colored legs, belly, and head that day and established himself as the clown of the group. Currently, his playgroup trick is to climb into a van other than mine when it is time to go home. He refuses to get out unless pushed. Why he does this is a mystery. He is a very happy boy at home, so perhaps it is to give us all a laugh and at that he succeeds.

Class clowns demand attention at home.  The antics of this funny boy keep us in stitches at home. Though Dancer loves to go for walks, when we attach his leash to his collar, he always picks it up in his teeth and walks himself around the house, sometimes running around for several minutes. Unless you chase him, you have to wait until he is finished with these shenanigans before leaving the house. Dancer is a major counter surfer and his height allows him to reach just about anything he wants. Even though, over the years, we have become more careful, we still lose an occasional meal to him. He never gets caught red-handed, but we know it is him. When we look at him after discovering that food or a slipper (another trick of his) is missing, he always looks innocent. How can anyone be angry at that angelic face?

Class clowns look to you for comfort. Though he does not climb on the furniture, Dancer needs a pillow for his head when he lies on the floor. It is usually our feet or knees (I told you he is tall) or sometimes the rump of my female Greyhound, Polka. He has so many ways of looking adorable. He frequently cockroaches, and he is quite vocal when his bedding is not the way he wants it. When he wants to go outside to sunbathe, he lets you know with a pathetic little whine and you are expected to jump up to open the door.

Class clowns want everyone to love them. Dancer loves to kiss everyone he meets and leaps to get to any passersby to do just that. He never met a person he didn’t like, and he demands that you love him back Because he is such a sweet lover boy, they usually do. Dancer even wants other dogs to like him. When they bark at him, instead of barking back, he cries. So you see, life with the class clown is never dull. He will keep you happy because he continually brings laughter. Though he may do things that are annoying in another dog, the smile on his face will charm you and the annoyance will be short-lived. If a class clown doesn’t already own you, I highly recommend one.

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