Nose worms!

Imagine a type of worm getting in your hound’s nose. It can!

From You’re Questions Answered: A reader answers a question about sneezing and wheezing in Greyhounds.

We have an adopted track dog, Leia, who also had suffered from symptoms similar to Ms. Lister’s dog, Dream. She would sneeze and cough pretty much on the same days my wife and I had problems with airborne pollens. Her symptoms improved with antihistamines, so we assumed she too was suffering from seasonal allergies.

On particularly bad days, Leia would also have a blood tinged nasal discharge and occasionally wheeze. Our astute veterinarian had heard of Greyhound kennel and track dogs having a fairly high prevalence of a nasal parasite, C. bõehmi, originally found in fox populations, but rare in domestic dogs. Leia’s stool was tested and found positive for eggs of the parasite. She was on medication for six weeks and is now free of symptoms, and her stool is clear of the eggs.

Articles about this parasite suggest that symptoms are rare, but if exist, suggest a more serious infection. Any other dog in the household should also be tested even if symptom-free.

I hope this information helps.

Larry Diana, Dallas, Texas

Answer: It does indeed. According to Dr. Candy Lewis in an article in Offtrack Greyhound GPA/CA (year and date unknown) titled “The Little Known Nose Worm, Capillaria bõhmi is often misdiagnosed as whip worm when a fecal sample is tested. This parasite is not mentioned in the seven veterinary texts the editor checked and is apparently relatively unknown to most of the veterinary community. If your Greyhound has consistent nose problems, check for this odd parasite whose life cycle starts in the digestive tract and ends up in the nose.

CG W 99

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