Feeding Your Greyhound for Health and Fitness*

*Dear reader: This article is presented mainly for historical purposes; please see end notes for the reasons why. There are some valid points made in the article though, so it is included on the website. Please see end notes for some very helpful advice.

Ed note: Much has changed since 1992! Nowadays we do not recommend feeding kibble because it’s good for the teeth; because Greyhounds tend to swallow kibble whole, it is futile to use it for that purpose. We do recommend a higher-protein food than non-sighthounds would get because greyhounds tend to loose muscle very quickly on lower protein and weight-loss or kidney diet foods. Dogs with reduced kidney function in particular need good quality, low phosphorus protein foods. We do recommend tooth brushing and safe, non-rawhide chews to keep teeth clean between dentals. Rawhides have inherent problems and mustn’t be fed if the dog is left alone; they can stick in their throats and the dog may choke to death. Rawhides may also cause intestinal problems. Most of all, we do not recommend grabbing the dog’s collar while he’s eating. That could cause a dog bite. (We know of dogs who were euthanized because they bit their owners when they did this – and this is after being in the home for several years.)  Nowadays there are techniques to slow down too-fast eating but that may not really be necessary. In time most greyhounds slow down when they are comfortable and relaxed in their new home. It’s best to feed extremely fast-eating dogs separately from the slower eaters; they may finish their meals and push the other dogs away from their food and a dog fight may ensue. Other topics in this article still stand today.

Greyhounds Today, Premier Issue Oct-Nov 92 by Deanne Gute

Greyhounds Today Premier Issue, Oct-Nov 92

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