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Some CG Magazine Back Issues are now online!

Did you know that the digital Fall 2013 through Summer 2017 issues of CG Magazine are online for free? In the future, more and more back issues will go online. This all makes my heart happily skip a beat because that was my original intent when starting Greyhound Articles Online on January 1, 2010 – to get as many articles online as possible before they disappeared forever. Here’s the link for the latest digital magazines.

The articles on the Greyhound Articles Online website start mainly with the first CG Magazine – Summer 1996. Here’s the link for that.

Articles from other sources are also on the Greyhound Articles Online website. These include a magazine that existed before CG Magazine did – Greyhounds Today, put together by the late Jeannette Steiner and WAG Tales, an award-winning magazine format adoption newsletter. Last but not least, some articles were written especially for the website. Remember, this is a library; some articles may not be factually correct by current standards. Have fun looking around!


About Marcia Herman

I have been obsessed with retired racing greyhounds since 1980 when we started acquiring our first three greyhounds via word of mouth before adoption groups actually existed. After doing all manner of greyhound activity for 16 years, The Greyhound Project asked me to create a magazine for greyhound adopters and groups which I eagerly did. When life got in the way for nine years and I didn't do much in the greyhound world, I decided to start Greyhound Articles Online in 2010 which is self-explanatory. It still exists. Now I've decided to post musings and recollections about a fascinating life in greyhounds. Greyhound folks might like to read musings of a longtime fan of retired racing greyhounds. If not, I will have fun recollecting 40 years of musings.


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