Moose, Bruce and the Goose

Reviewed by Joan Dillon

By Robert Scott McKinnon

Revised edition 1996 (paperback); First published 1969 (hard cover)

Available from National Greyhound Association, Abilene, Kansas

$10 (includes shipping)

Moose is a “mottled gray” greyhound pup, born into the wild and left alone when his mother and sisters are rescued by a local rancher.

Bruce is a teenager who has aspirations of becoming a high school track star.

DeGaule is a Canada Goose who had been the leader of his flock until wounded by a bullet fired illegally from a rifle.

This unlikely cast of characters combine in a delightful story that will appeal to youngsters from the middle grades on up to high school. Even adults will find themselves chuckling at some of the situations that this unlikely trio gets into.

Meeting at a Montana greyhound track where Moose and DeGaule totally disrupt the outcome of a race, they accompany Bruce home only to disrupt his mother’s bridge party. The acion proceeds at a fast pace as the dog and the goose help Bruce train for the high school track team. At one point, DeGaule returns to the wild only to return with 5,000 friends just before the state track championship which is decided by a most unusual photo finish. This book is an absolute delight from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

Robert Scott McKinnon is a retired high school English teacher whose family raised greyhounds for many years. Residing in Great Falls, Montana, he is also the author of The Yellowstone: A Journey Home.

The book is illustrated by Tom Quinn, a well known artist from Spokane, Washington, who, in addition to illustrations, has painted murals on the sides of a number of buildings, etc. in the Spokane area.

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