This page contains a collection of cute and sometimes surprising things our greyhounds do. Add your cute story here or add it to the Greyhound Articles Facebook page and we’ll grab it from there.

Ady Cerreta has a dominatrix in her pack!

Formerly a spook, now a dominatrix!

We adopted April because she’s a spook, terrified of people but after a few months she decided we were ok and absolutely loves and trusts us now.  She plays more than any of our other greyhounds ever have and we truly think she’s the happiest of them all!  April loves to stand over HER boy Baxter, she does this several times a day and we really believe he enjoys it….he likes being dominated 🙂  Baxter is the friendliest dog in the world and thinks people are here to just pet him so they make a good pair.


Sue Lee sent this in via the Greyhound Articles Facebook page. Thanks Sue!

I had my greyhound with me at a friend’s house. She was changing her baby and asked her 2-year-old to bring her a newly laundered folded diaper (we used those back in the day) from a stack on the couch. The toddler refused. I pointed to the diapers and said “Giselle, fetch.” My greyhound trotted over, picked up a diaper, and brought it to me. The toddler noticed all of the attention the dog was receiving and, not wanting to be upstaged by a dog, she brought a diaper… in her mouth. You had to be there.


Kathleen Brockway sent this story about her “late bloomer” via the website. Who knew there was a greyhound who didn’t know how to run?  Thanks, Kathleen!

This is a story about my Favorite Greyhound, a big red dog who put his heart into anything he did. He died a half dozen years ago, but I still love to tell this story.

Sandy Greyhound’s Light Bulb Finally Comes On

I got Sandy when he had just turned four years old. He had never had a racing career, and just lived at the breeder’s farm, who was too sentimental to place him elsewhere. He and my big red Whippet, Rory Mor, became best friends on my visits to the farm. They were big and little versions of each other, a little too muscled and bulky to fit the svelte look of a Greyhound or Whippet. The breeder saw how well the two got along, and asked if I would take Sandy and give him a better life. Sandy took to house-living without any training. He copied the Whippets’ habits, both good and bad, and was thrilled to be allowed on the sofa. We participated in a lot of parades and festivals, and he was happy to oblige all the children at these events who wanted to pet him. I tried him at lure coursing, but he just looked puzzled and sat by the judges to politely watch the other Greyhounds run the field. He got very excited every time he saw his buddy Rory run. He would dance up and down like a Whippet and yip yip yip to cheer Rory on. The two dogs loved to run in the fenced acre behind the house, but Sandy had no interest in chasing the plastic bag when we pulled it out for practice.

It was the second Minnesota Renaissance Festival that Sandy had attended. During the previous year’s festival, he spent most of the time with the children, and was in his crate during the lure coursing demonstrations. My son had brought a couple of teen-age friends with to help with our dozen dogs, so this time Sandy had a front row seat. My son had a firm grip on Sandy’s leash as they watched the demonstration. When Rory Mor was released on the field Sandy gave a loud scream and within a few seconds had chewed through his leash and joined his buddy on the field to chase the plastic. At the course’s end he latched on to the plastic bag and would not/could not release it for almost half an hour.

At age six Sandy had learned to chase! He attended several field trials after that, once winning a Best in Field, and earning his Field Champion title by age seven. He ran in three more Renaissance Festival demonstrations, and enjoyed every minute. Rory Mor had to be put down two years later, and Sandy became depressed from missing his best friend. After that, he only half-heartedly chased the plastic when we urged him to. At nearly twelve years old he had a stroke and was put down. We still talk about the day “Sandy’s light bulb came on”, and how he and Rory Mor loved each other so much. I like to think of them forever companionably running together on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.




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