The Greyhound Guide to Sleep

by Lori Amato

Nothing like a sleeping adolescent puppy (Perri) to show true relaxation. Marcia Herman

Greyhounds call themselves “lean, super-efficient sleep machines.” Sleeping greyhounds spend many years perfecting their techniques. Here is a sampling of some of their better-known positions.

1) The Bed Hog. This position is fun when you share the bed with one or both of your owners. Maneuver yourself between them. Lie down on your side and slowly begin to stretch out. If this is done correctly, you should have at least half of the bed space to yourself. Give yourself extra points for the following: if you can insert a paw into your owner’s mouth; if you can prevent your owner from getting out of bed quickly; or if your owner wakes up with a stiff back.

2) The Dead Cockroach. Find the softest spot in the house, (the family couch or a bed is the best.) fall asleep, and eventually maneuver yourself on your back with all four legs in a bent position.

Flash’s perfect roach! Ady Cerreta

3) The Flagpole. Assume the dead cockroach position. Extend your legs stiffly into the air. Your owner may feel compelled to hang a small flag on one or more of your legs.

4) The Flamingo. Assume the dead cockroach position. Extend only one leg in the air. If you are doing this position correctly, the front half of your body will resemble the tacky plastic ornament in your owner’s garden.

The flamingo as opposed to the flagpole! If you know who this dog is, please tell us.

5) The Donut. This position must be assumed only when there is no other available position. It usually means there is nowhere in the house to lie down with the exception of a small club chair. Place your front feet on the chair. Bring your back legs up carefully. Drop your nose. Your body should be in a u-shape. Now fold yourself into the chair. Lay down. You can either tuck your nose into your folded legs or extend your front feet and use them as a headrest. This position will get your owner’s attention especially when you unfold yourself and get up from the chair. It is so amazing that such a “big dog” could get himself in such a tiny spot.

Donut in the sand. Copyright Praveen Mutalik

6) The Classic- Fall asleep on your side. You can add variety by dreaming. Wag your tail, run in place, and vocalize. This will really get your owner’s attention.


Perri from the bottom. Marcia Herman

WAG Tales, CG


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