A Humorous Look at the Greyhound Anatomy

by Lori Amato and Ellie Goldstein

Being the proud owner of greyhounds for the last five years it has come to my attention that when referring to parts of the greyhound’s anatomy to describe the location of an injury, the following description no longer cuts it with my veterinarian! Sultan got cut on “the pointy thing on the back leg.” Really described it well, did I not? I should know enough to have said, “Sultan cut his hock.”

The following list shows the correct terminology when referring to the greyhound anatomy – to be used when talking with veterinarians and dog “knowledgeable” people (See list 1).

There is another way to define the greyhound anatomy as well – the day to day way when you live with one of these lovable creatures. (See below and right) Please note—to determine your dog’s height you measure from the floor to the shoulder (withers).

Anatomical Chart

A: Stop           B: Crest           C: Wither            D: Back            E: Loin            F: Croup        G: Hock

H: Toes        I: Stifle or Knee         J: Brisket         K: Pastern      L: Wrist         M: Elbow         N: Shoulder

O: Cheek           P: Muzzle

The Greyhound Owner’s Compendium of Uncommon Uses for Common Parts of the Anatomy

Eye: Doe-like, capable of conning the average owner out of half the food on his plate. Can convince the owner of total innocence even though the New York Times lays shredded on the bed.

Ears: Capable of hearing a can opener a mile away. Can never make up their minds if they should be back, up, down or sideways.

Mouth: From it come smiles, chatters, barks, whimpers and whines. Can inhale edibles in a flash.

Nose: Used to nudge open cabinets to get goodies. Always ending up where it doe not belong. Sneezing on owner’s glasses is another specialty…

Brain: Constantly looking for trouble to get into. Wheels always spinning and turning.

Crest: The part of the neck that is supposed to stop the collar before it shoots over the greyhound’s head.

Withers: Where you’re supposed to measure the dog’s height if he’ll stand still long enough.

Shoulder: The envy of Mr. America.

Elbow: The pointy object that grinds into your body as your dog settles on your lap

Tush: Potent exhaust system. Usually presented to humans for scratching.

Tail: Whip – deadly for anything at coffee table height. When it makes contact with skin, it can bring a grown man to tears.

Hock: Pointy thing on back of leg.

Chest & Waist: What most people would kill for. Waist thickens with age.

Toes: Dirt and mud collectors.


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