Bob: Making A Career Out Of Being A Hero

by Diana Cogningi

Hero Bob

To look at Bob sprawled out on the couch in the famous dead cockroach position you would never think he had it in him. However in the last two-and-a-half years Bob has come to the rescue three times.

On a nice warm fall evening we decided to go for a walk in the park with Bob and our other greyhound, Sandy On our way to the parking lot our paths crossed with a Akita/St.Bernard mix puppy whose owner was having trouble controlling him. We tried to avoid them, but the pup pulled his owner over. Sandy and Bob stood there patiently while the pup smelled them up and down. Then he decided he wanted to play with Sandy and started pulling and jumping on her. She barked and I tried to keep her just out of his way. Well, Bob took a step forward and let out two of the loudest barks I had ever heard him do up till then. Then there was dead silence. He put manners on that pup with two simple barks and saved Sandy from possibly being hurt as the pup out- weighed her tremendously.

The second time Bob was my savior. My son was selling his weight bench and accessories. He made arrangements with a man to come and look at them. It turned out I was going to be the only one home at the time. Usually this didn’t bother me, but I just had this really bad feeling about it. The man came to the front door and I told him I would meet him at the garage door. Down the steps I went and let the man in. Bob never left my side. This is unusual because Bob loves people and usually goes right over to welcome them. The man was uneasy with Bob and said so, but Bob was at my side to stay. I don’t know if Bob felt my uneasiness or didn’t like the man, but I am very thankful that he acted the protective way he did.

Just the other day we were settling down as our vacation was drawing to an end. It was a humid night, and we had the fans going. The washer and dryer were also getting a workout, and the TV was on. The house was unusually noisy for us. I just sat down next to Bob on the couch to watch TV when he got up rather quickly and ran to the doorway towards the kitchen. He let out a loud bark. He turned quickly towards me and let out several more of these strong, loud barks. This is not normal for Bob so I knew to come quickly. As I entered the kitchen I could see Sandy choking on her dry food and straining to get it up. By the time I got across the room she had gotten it out. But if she couldn’t, she could have been in trouble. I guess that’s what Bob was thinking, and he wanted to get help quick. I have had fosters that choke during the first few meals but never my Sandy. This is the second time Bob came to Sandy’s rescue.

Bob’s personality has many facets. He is serious and goofy, docile and playful, good and bold at times, quiet and talkative. I’m just glad Bob is Bob. He is one in a million, and I wouldn’t have him any other way.

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