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Sites with a Multitude of Greyhound-Specific Medical Information

  • Grassmere Animal Hospital is a very greyhound-savvy place with an entire section of their website devoted to greyhounds, thanks to a staffer, Carol Machery, DVM who is a greyhound adopter and  adoption volunteer. Most of the articles are also posted with permission on this website.
  • Greyhound Blood Values. The email address is; the direct phone number is (614) 247-6757 and (614) 247-8490.


  • Post-Operative Bleeding. An important paper by Dr Couto et al on greyhounds who bleed after surgery, usually during a routine spay or neuter procedure.


  • Canine Cancer Awareness. An informative website that describes a wide variety of cancers, treatments, and studies in progress.




  • An excellent source of info (with seizure videos) is here.
  • Dog epilepsy group with excellent files:

Handicapped Pets

Kidney and Renal Issues

Orthopedic Info

Pannus and Other Eye Disorders

Thyroid Info and Testing

  • A wonderful thyroid information site by MSU This is the gold standard lab when it comes to full panel thyroid tests.  They take special care when evaluating greyhound thyroid testing. This site clears up much of the confusion about thyroid issues.
  • Dr Jean Dodd’s Hemopet. This lab specializes in a wide variety of thyroid tests as well as in other tests, i.e., titers for parvo, rabies and the like.

Tick Info and Testing

Greyhounds are known to get an assortment of tick-borne diseases (TBDs) and should always be tested when they exhibit symptoms of ADR (Ain’t Doing Right). No greyhound is immune from TBDs, whether the greyhound is in Canada or the USA or elsewhere in the world. If there are ticks, there are TBDs. Even if you don’t have ticks where you live, the chances are 100% that your greyhound came from an area where they are active.  The major labs are listed here. They each contain areas on their websites with the latest on tick diseases.

  • Protatek Reference Lab in Chandler, Arizona, is known for its IFA (serology) testing and has a “greyhound special” tick panel; they give a discount if they know the dog is a greyhound.  Many greyhound adoption groups hold “tick testing clinics” at their gatherings and send batches of blood to Protatek.  The owner, Cynthia Holland, PhD, is always willing to talk to clients about their dogs’ test results. They test for many other conditions as well.
  • North Carolina State University (NCSU) has a renowned veterinary staff who are also tick disease gurus. They do PCR and serology  testing.  This site has detailed educational information sections about TBDs and are founts of information.
  • On tick-borne disease in dogs. For Thunder and all the dogs who were diagnosed too late or not at all. A must-read for all dog owners, especially those of  greyhounds who may have have been to many parts of the country and exposed to the gamut of TBDs.
  • Join the Tick-L and use their wonderful archives.

Vaccination Issues

Excellent General Veterinary Sites

  • Greythealthis the first place to look for medical links that may not be listed here; this site should be in everyone’s bookmarks. Although it started as an archive of Dr Suzanne Stack’s articles Jordan Graustark has expanded it into a resource containing a huge number of useful veterinary and behavioral websites.
  • PetMD contains a very long list of conditions, diseases and even behaviors. This is an excellent, helpful site.
  • Veterinary Partner has a wonderful area on pet medications in addition to medical conditions.
  • Marvista Vet Library contains a massive amount  of information on medical and surgical issues as well as information on medications.



  1. From the webmaster: There is an abundance of excellent veterinary medicine websites and links online. We will add exceptionally informative ones as we find them. If you have a site or link recommendation that we haven’t discovered or if you find an inactive link, please put it in the “Comments” box below and we’ll check it out. Thank you!

    Posted by greyhoundarticlesonline | April 11, 2010, 1:26 PM

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