Healing Pippy’s Knee

Pippy, a greyhound from Australia, had a vexing wound on her knee that would just not heal. Her loving, concerned mom tried everything under the sun but the wound simply would not heal.

Cloe writes, “Here is the first shot I took of my grey’s tender knee, following is a shot of how it looks NOW after weeks of trying everything: Manuka honey, calendula cream, you name it.

In the long run, I finally resorted to an Australian stand-by remedy, per the following shot.

Pippys knees McArthur paw paw

It was created by a man from tropical far North Queensland. When he was in the Japanese prison camp, he used raw pawpaw on those men with weeping sores caused by bacteria & humidity. Also on those with skin cancer. It relieved both, and as you can see, it’s done a great job healing Pippy’s knee sore. It’s also made the bare skin on both those knees more supple, brittleness gone, and so no splitting when she gallops around the yard. So thank you again, Marcia, for your suggestion and help. Again let me know if you can’t get the McArthur’s cream. Cheers! Cloe Cameron & Pippy.

Editor’s note: I’m not sure what I said to help but I discovered that the McArthur’s Cream can be purchased on Amazon. It should probably be in everyone’s first aid kit.

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