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Articles from CG Winter 2000


First, some old business. Regarding a term used in the description of “Tigger and Dave’s Mystery Illness” in the Fall 2000 issue – the term D.I.C stands for disseminated intravascular coagulation. Prognosis is grim and veterinarians and physicians refer to it as “death is certain.” Not 100% certain, but close to it.


Now, here’s what’s online from CG Winter 2000:


Beach Comber, One Tough Dog. By Laurel Drew.


Life With the Class Clown. By Eileen Saks. Written by an elementary school teacher who knows all about class clowns – human and greyhound.


Causes and Treatment of Canine Pancreatitis. By Jody Frederick. Includes prevention as well.


Laser Surgery. By Diana Cogningi and Ann Whitney. An explanation and photo essay of a spay done via laser surgery.


Fred’s Miracle: From Total Paralysis to Whole Hound. By Dennis Appel. A piece of Fred’s neck vertebrae broke off and left him paralyzed and unable to breathe without a breathing tube. Read how they dealt with it.


Counting Hounds. By Jack and Amy Corrigan. Create a primitive country painting.


Pets Living With Cancer. A book by Robin Downing, DVM, is reviewed by Stephanie Russell.


The Middleboro Nine. By Jordan Graustark. An account of a group of nine Greyhounds owned by an elderly couple living unfed in a squalid garage. They were rescued by a group of local greyhound adopters who called upon several adoption groups and members of the Greyhound-L to help out.


And not online:


Greyhounds in Velvet Collars. By Janice Parkinson (the original Mrs. Bones collar lady). An interesting history of collars going back to 1368.


The Greyhound Project: Why We Do What We Do. By Joan Belle Isle.


The Value of Volunteerism. By Mary Bauer.


The Adoption Screening Process. By Lynda Adame Walter.


Hounds Strut Their Stuff. By Joyce Wasson and Louise Coleman. About the third annual benefit for Greyhound Friends’ “Greyhounds Go Glamorous” fashion show in New York City.


Us vs. Them. By Sue Sprague. A message to anti-racing people by an anti-racing person concerning working with kennels in a respectful manner.


The Sit as a Bonding Tool. By the late Kathleen Gilley.


Pet Insurance Details Part 2. By Ellen Zadoff. Discusses premium costs, reimbursement limits, and options.


Clomicalm: A Therapy for Separation Anxiety. By Maria Borowski.




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