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Articles from CG Fall 2000

Starting with 2000, back issues of CG Magazine are available for purchase. The following three articles from Fall 2000 are online. Read the others by buying the back issue. 🙂


Downing, The Dog Who Delivered, By Laurel E. Drew.


Making Sense of a Blood Chemistry Profile. By Patrica Gail Burnham. Explains terms such as GGT, Alk phos, CPK and the like. It doesn’t include greyhound values but the link to the article that does is added.


Wrapping Up a Greyt Gift. By Jack and Amy Corrigan.


Not online but loaded with info:


Bad Boys, Bad Boys − Whatcha Gonna Do? By Paula Scott. The TLC prison fostering program at the Ellsworth (Kansas) Correctional Facility.


Greyhounds and Royalty. By the late Joan Dillon. From the pharaohs to Frederick the Great who wanted to be buried with his greyhounds.


Fundraising Ideas That Work. By Louse Coleman and Joyce Wasson.


Where to Find Money. By GPA and Joan Belle Isle. Talks about grants, foundations, libraries, using the Internet, and more.


How to Pass Fostering 101. By the late Kathleen Gilly.


Rescue at Greenetrack Again. By Cynthia Cash. Detailed account of how they did it and where they got the money to achieve it.


An Irish Sanctuary for Irish-bred Greyhounds. By Linda Poggia.


Pet Health Insurance. Part 1. By Ellen Zadoff. Names companies but some may be out of business by now. Has very interesting cost/benefit charts.


Tigger and Dave’s Mystery Illness. By Lorean Love. D.I.C and possible tick disease for Tigger, Babesia for Dave.


Gabrielle’s Special Nanny. By Susanne Seifert Cottraux. Would greyhound Jackie adjust to the new baby coming home?


What Phil and Scooter Taught me. By Fred Barton. Why their morning walks were so important. A lovely article about the gift of every day.


Classie Becomes a Delta Dog. By Cheryl Giebel.


Two articles on the Greyhound Gang and the Kanab Gathering. By Alice O’Hearn and Mary Bauer.


Canine Massage: A Practical Guide. Reviewed by the late Lauren Emery.





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