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Articles from CG Summer 2000

Starting with 2000, back issues of CG Magazine are available for purchase. The following articles are online but to get the most out of them, you need to see the original articles in the magazine, which contain lots more photos. Because they really add to the articles, I urge you to purchase the issue and support The Greyhound Project.


Racing for Peanuts: Monkey Jockeys of the ’30s. By the late Joan Dillon. See original in magazine. This is the second most read article on the site; it’s had close to 4,600 hits.


Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your Pet. Book review by Nancy Beach.


Excellent with Cats After All. By Kris Metz. An interesting and unnerving story about Kris and her greyhound, Excel, who was not cat safe but who went home with her anyway. Luckily it had a happy ending. The original article has wonderful photos not included here. Please be aware that some greyhounds deemed cat safe are not; the reverse is also true. So please be vigilant when you bring home a greyhound to a home with cats (and small dogs).


Kittens and Greyhounds. By Lee Livingood. Lee introduces and integrates her dogs to her new 3-month-old kitten. Great tips from a great behaviorist and is a contrasting article to the one above.


The Holidays with Sheena. By Patricia Gail Burnham. Sheena comes home from the vet after surgery.


The Merry Prankster~A Champion in the Ring. By Patricia Gail Burnham. Lily, an eight-week-old puppy, was adopted from a shelter by Julie Hill. Lily grew up and became known as the Merry Prankster OTCH and UDX. Much of the article is an interview with Julie Hill who talks about training Lily.


Hounds Battle the Bulge. By the late Lauren Emery. Not sure if your dog is the right weight? Every adopter should review this article from time to time. You may think your greyhound is at proper weight but maybe not.


A Closer Look at Pannus. By Praveen Mutalik. An in-depth article with lots of photos in the original article showing what happens at an veterinary ophthalmologist visit, including shots of proparacine and the use of a Kowa Fundus camera. If your hound has Pannus, it would be a good idea to purchase this issue.


Laryngeal Paralysis Diagnosis. By Katie Traxel. Eight-and-a-half year old Moo’s heat intolerance suddenly got worse. It was LP. Learn how Kate handled it.


Thoughts on Hypothyroidism. By Nancy Beach. Nancy attended a seminar presented by Dr W. Jean Dodds. Here is what she learned.


Shaker Shelf and Leash Holder. By Jack and Amy Corrigan.


More good reads in the summer 2000 issue of CG that are not online include:


The Best dog I Will Ever Have is Now a Memory… By Kate Bressler.


On Death, Dying, and Dogs. By Cynthia Branigan


Pancho Dai-Galgo Perez. By Pat Colistas with Mary Alice Glass. Pancho the Galgo came to Dewey Beach where Pat adopted him him.The story tells about how he adjusted to life in the States.


Ractrack Judges. By Cheryl Giebel. Cheryl, a (former) race track judge, gives an detailed look at what goes on day to day behind the scenes.


Difficult Decisions, Hard Choices. By Joan Belle Isle. A very important article covering what to do when you think a greyhound is being abused. Joan covers five different scenarios, on and off the track.


Dealing with Deafness. By Maureen Nelms. A good article on the subject and well worth the read.


Money, Money, Money. By Joan Belle Isle. Yup, it’s about fund-raising and strategies to make it go well. Includes lots of suggestions.


Flight Plays Lassie. By Laurel Drew. This Hero Hound saves a child from a scorpion bite!


Healing Pause a.k.a. Healing Paws. By Kimberly Ripley. Clarinetist Karen Johnson takes her greyhounds Gabby and Butch to nursing homes to do “Clarinet Therapy.” What a unique idea!


Fleets of Greyhounds at the Greyhound Bus Origin Center. By Cindy Hanson. Cindy arranged to have greyhounds present at the grand opening of the center, which includes the 1914 Hupmobile.  The folks with the greyhounds never got inside that day; they were too busy doing photo shoots with the visitors. Cindy went back another day in order to report on the museum itself.








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