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Articles from CG Spring 2000

Here are some articles from CG Spring 2000. All but one are not in “magazine format” (i.e, scanned) so if you don’t buy the back issue, you won’t see many of the original photos. (Hint, hint; buy the back issue and support The Greyhound Project.)

Early Adoption Pioneers. By the late Joan Dillon. A wonderfully researched piece covering 1956 through 1987 when GPA formed.

Kira’s First Halloween and Sheena’s Surgery. A bittersweet chapter about Kira’s rough first Halloween and her mother Sheena’s liver tumor surgery. By Patricia Gail Burnham.

Epileptic Dogs: Hard to adopt – but hard to resist. By the late Merci Riccardi. See the magazine for photo of Reeses, Hershey, and Kisses Riccardi.

The Great Greyhound Motivators: Praise, Play, Treats, and Toys. By Cindy Sisson. Some wonderful photos are in the magazine that are not seen in the online version.

A Moving Experience: Finding a Rental Home. By Jody Frederick. See the original article for more photos.

Reiki Reaches the Beach. By the late Carla Benoist. Carla wrote abut her Reiki experience with Laurie Rhodes during the 1998 Dewey Beach event. Interestingly, Carla mentions “another Reiki practitioner” in the article. She wound up giving Reiki to Carla when she was in the hospital. Small world.

A Raised Bowl Feeder. By the Corrigans.

Oh My Aching Back. By Julia Carter, DVM. This article explains back problems very well.

Also a book review, a Hero Hound, and two Hall of Fame dogs.

The twelve articles not online (buy the back issue to read them!) are:

Going Home by Air. How greyhounds were flown into the Northwest (Northcoast.) By Cara Brockoff.

Kennel Operators: A Couple of Good Ones. About Cheryl and Wayne Piquette. By Joseph O’Connell.

Several articles about Dewey 98, including A Euro Welcome, Impromptu Affair (blessing and bonfire), Dewey Vendors, Dr Radcliffe’s Medical Seminar, Promoting Greyhound Adoption by Cynthia Cash, Training Seminar by Jacque Lynn Schultz. 



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