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The Greyt Crate Sofa Table. Corrigans’ Crafts. If you need a sofa table and a crate, here’s your chance to make a table that also serves as a crate.

Quick Hound Toys. Corrigans’ Crafts. Make a gutless fleece toy and a toss ball.

Greyhound Santa. Corrigans’ Crafts. Make a complex Santa figurine – satchel included. 

Turbo Visits the Hall Of Fame. Marcia Wood Hecker. Turbo meets Derby and Paula Scott and has his usual amount of greyt fun there.

The Art of Animal Communication: New Age or New Tool? Lori (Lazetera) Amato and Carla (Pickering) Benoist. This article with lovely photos describes what it is, how to find a competent communicator and gives examples of how the authors used it to understand their own pets. Lori is an excellent communicator who has helped me over the years. She can be reached at

Waterloo: A Coursing Pilgrimage. A wonderful textual and visual description of an historic event going back to 1836, long before Master McGrath made a name for himself. Contrary to what one might think, most hares were very fast, very clever and did not get caught. Despite that, the Waterloo Cup ended in 2005 when coursing hares became illegal. Pam Davis and John Parker.

Who’s On First? The Greyhound Racing Industry Explained. Joan Belle Isle. When the article was published, there were 49 tracks in the US; now there are 23. This is the clearest explanation of the industry that I have ever seen. The Greymeadows Greyhound Farm pictured in the article – heaven to racing and retired greyhounds – has been sold and is now Signature Farm. Greymeadows had a kennel of retired racers up for adoption, plus it housed many old greyhounds who lived out their lives on the farm. It was an amazing, joyful place; not an odor to be found and neat as a pin.

Why Don’t We Talk About What Our Dogs Really Are? Megan Robertson.  A blunt and chilling wake-up call about greyhounds and what happens when they hear another animal scream. A must-read for anyone involved with greyhounds.

Using Acupuncture To Make Your Greyhound Feel Better. Maureen Nelms. In-depth article on what to expect. It discusses several kinds of available acupuncture treatments.



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