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Lyme Disease

Dear Readers,

Lyme disease as well as other tick diseases can have disastrous effects on both our hounds and on us. To learn more about it, please join an informative discussion that has started on the Greyhound Articles Facebook page. It that can be accessed via the link on the this website’s Home page. When you visit the Facebook page, be sure to view the video about the skater, the article about Kelly, the greyhound, and to read all the comments associated with the thread. Don’t forget to follow the “Shares” where there are more eye-opening comments.

If you have a Facebook account you can “Like” us (if you haven’t done so already) and join the discussions. No Facebook account? That’s OK; you still can read the posts and the articles and view the video but you won’t be able to post a comment.

Many Lyme patients are having great difficulty getting just a week’s worth of doxcycline even if they have a rash or an obvious angry-looking area around a tick bite. This needs to change. You might even want to sign the petition urging changes to the treatment guidelines for humans. If you feel as strongly about this as we do, please tell all your friends about the issue and urge them to sign the petition and to pass the info along to their friends so they can pass the petition around. Many thousands more signatures are needed to make the medical organizations take Lyme and tick diseases more seriously.

Thanks for reading.



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